Platform - MedicaMind

A personal EMR management assistant system.
DICOM image file management with telecommunication features.

Medicamind™ functions for patient account

We provide trustable services to individual persons..

Personal EMR

We keep your personal EMR secure. You can easily maintain your EMR in this platform without having to access the hospital portal.

DICOM image management

We maintain you DICOM studies linked to your EMR records. You can view, upload, edit or share your images from anywhere at anytime.

Social media

You can connect to your doctors or friends through the platform conveniently, just like using a social media tool.


You can connect to thousands of experts globally.

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Medicamind™ functions for physician account.

For physician users.

DICOM management

The professional web based DICOM storage and viewer.

Cloud PACS

Medicamind ™ provides a cloud based PACS system for you to do diagnostics.

Remote Access

Medicamind ™ Enables physicans to remotely reach patients wherever they are at any time.

Virtual Visit

Visit your patient on your Medicamind™ account with audio/video capability.

Social Media

You can connect to your patients or doctor friends through the platform conveniently. Just like using a social media tool.

Serve more patients

You can serve more patients globally through Medicamind™.

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