Our Products

We provide products for different groups of users.

For individual users

We provide a free web-based product known as MedicaMind, through which you can manage what matters most to you.

  • Free signup
  • Private EHR
  • Manage your radiology data
  • Manage your genomic data
  • Connect to a Doctor
  • Virtual visit
  • Second opinion

For institutions

We provide a customizable platform to help hospitals solve problems in today's healthcare.

  • DICOM data storage
  • Professional DICOM viewer
  • Collaborative tools
  • Radiology report system
  • Remote access
  • Patient engagement
  • Customizable

For partners

We provide web-based SDK for integration through services accessed by internet.

  • DICOM viewer
  • DICOM storage
  • Tele-medicine

Our Services

We provide services for physicians.


Medical Education


Medical Research


Remote consultation

Our Mission

  • Provide health IT products and services to hospitals as well as individuals.
  • Enhance the health care workflow and personal data accessing experience.
  • Meet hospitals/clinics unique needs, and strengthen their revenue cycle.
  • Improve overall healthcare for better quality care to increase retention.
  • Connect medical education opportunities to the needs of doctors.


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